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Services Portfolio
JAZ Marketing provides a complete experienced marketing department who focuses solely on getting you the results you want for your business from marketing through to sales implementation. We are a team of fully qualified professionals with the vision and dedication that you would expect from individual companies under one operation. JAZ Marketing is the complete outsourced Marketing Department with the following services portfolio at your disposal to grow your business:

● Marketing and Sales Strategic Planning and Support
● Branding and Graphic Design
● Web Marketing
● Telemarketing
● AV Communications
● Event Management
● Networking Ambassador Services
● Business Concierge Services

All the above disciplines will be managed through one point of contact thus enabling you clear direction, accountability and communication.

All of these disciplines, either combined or individually, will produce dramatic results. To take advantage of our special marketing assessment programme, or to find out more about the JAZ portfolio, call now on 01959 575516 or
click here to contact us online. Please take advantage of our free initial consultation.